It’s all Ro-Manic, poem, poetry

For “Chaci” Love “Joanie”

Its all Ro-manic

When you smile or say I talk to loud

when you’re busy but still show up

when you open doors and pull out my chair

 when you call me an asshole and I don’t care

when you change my music and say don’t play country!

you are sexy when you ride your dirt bike

when you ride me

dancing in the trailer

 drunk walks to the sea

when you hog the covers cry over your wife in my bed

when you tell the neighbors that your name is Fred

when you try to teach me to play guitar

tell me how to dive my car

when you hold my hand and tell me where to stand

when you give me wink over breakfast 

then check your dating site

when you go low and I panic

Its all Ro-manic 

We met while we were both going through a divorce. We laughed, we cried, we sang and danced. We went wild, we went crazy we fought. We  ricocheted I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you at the time that I did. It wasn’t always pretty… but you helped me in profound ways. Our friendship deserves the Serendipity award for finding something good unexpectedly. You are one of my favorite messes, and I love and believe in you.

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