Managing my MS

Living with MS is different for everyone. Two and a half years ago, I woke up blind in my right eye, I stood up only to find out that my legs were not working… luckily the wall broke my fall. I was terrified, I had no idea what was going on with my body. I had been being treated for the flu by my doctor, even though my flu test came back negative. My body temperature was fluctuating between 102 degrees and dropping to 68 degrees. I was in the middle of a divorce and still living in the house. I had moved into one of our spare bedrooms. I know now, that the stress I was living with made my body attack me. The whole right side of my head all the way to my collarbone was in pain, like a vice was tightening and the pain was intense. I had been living with so many malfunctions with my body for some time. In and out of emergency rooms and several Dr. visit, I was told that it was everything from menopause to PTSD. Finally, one ER doctor said to me, “I believe you have MS”. I hated that he said that, and at the same time was so relived to know that I was not just losing my mind

Moving out and moving on relived so much stress in my life. One step, one day at a time. I spent a lot of time alone in my trailer at the beach in Oceanside CA. I wanted to try to keep from having to take muscle relaxers everyday and steroids or other medication. Its has been two years now, I have not had to see a doctor in a year. I am very grateful for that because I don’t have health insurance at the moment. Changing my lifestyle and diet was not easy for me. Exercise is so hard sometimes. I keep trying, I keep starting over. Sometimes a simple walk with my dog Bella can “take me out” for a day or two. I give myself permission to rest and shut down when I need to. I meditate and use essential oils in my diffuser everyday. I am still learning to give my body and mind what they need.

I am enjoying traveling in my tiny home, I know I may not always be able to do so… but I can right now. I have picked up my camera and started looking at my life through the lens again. I like the story my photos are telling. I have started writing again. My left leg is sending shock waves, even now as I sit here and type… reminding me that it is still real and reminding me to enjoy as much as I can during the days that I feel energetic and pain free. It is raining today and the cold temperature is effecting my body, but the sound of raindrops hitting the travel trailer are so relaxing. Bella is laying at my feet snuggled up to me, sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoying the rain through the window, in spite of.

Self medicating

Essential oils * Massages * Vitamin B shots * Sipping warm tea or Bone Broth * Meditation and mindfulness *

I keep in mind, I may not always be able to manage my MS without medication. But today I can…. so i am.

If you have any tips advice or would even like to share “what works for you” please do leave a comment.

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