Here with me

My best friend would have been 48 today. Happy Birthday Chuck.. Today is hard for me.. he has been gone for 21 years now. Our kids are grown and I am living the life that he and I planned when we were just 14 years old. We had our hippie gypsy life all planned out. Young and in love, it was us against the world. He is always “here with me” …..

Retracting the awning and pushing the ice chest underneath the travel trailer. The clouds are creeping in and the sky is getting darker. I look around at my fellow travelers out busy in their campsites, preparing for the rain. No one is in a panic, even as the world is facing a toilet paper crisis. I have had two fellow campers ask me if I need anything. With the “world going crazy” right now, I feel an abundance of gratitude for the wonderful people around me at this campsite. There is a strong presence of community and neighborly ethics. RV life so far has brought a real feeling of living and value for simplicity back into my soul.

It is going to be a wet and wild weekend here at the RV Resort and Marina. I am looking forward to being cuddled up listening to the rain fall on the trailer, reading, and cooking soup. How ever you are spending your time during the chaos this weekend and beyond, be safe… take care of each other and try to take a break from worry and enjoy the simple things.. the important things like time with your family or just some good ol’ self care.

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