I’m keeping these

I was given these cups as a wedding gift. They have been traveling around with me in the trailer for over two years now. I have no idea how they have survived bouncing around interstates and desert dirt roads.  I still drink my coffee out of one or the other each morning out here on the road. It makes for a great conversation when the occasional fellow camper is walking by and stops by for a chat. I have been asked why I keep them.Simply because they are great cups! Strong sturdy deep coffee cups! The divorce was painful and sad, I will admit that.. but I am not going to take it out on these poor innocent mugs…

I did however, drown my wedding dress in the ocean at Carlsbad Beach. The very place where we had spent our honeymoon. Self care is important! The cups are still useful and make me happy, unlike my marriage or the dress.  It was a beautiful moment.. I laid out the long white dress in the sand on the shoreline.. the pearls and sequins sparkling in the sunlight.. watched as the waves crashed over it. It churned and churned in the water and sand as the ocean was slowly dragging it out to sea along with the sadness of broken dreams and promises.. all the plans we made .. and as I sat there letting go of all of my sadness.. deeply consumed in my own healing… I had to pause..I paused to explain to a woman that ran up to the shore line yelling “oh no! oh no!” that it was not a body washing ashore.. This poor woman was terrified! I did not want to tell her the truth.. I sound like a crazy person.. maybe I am.. but that is not the point right now. So after I got her calmed down by explaining to her that I am an artist and I was doing a photo shoot.. all was fine. Don’t worry! I have a deep love for the ocean. It is my place to recharge my batteries when life has wore me out. I did retrieve the dress and dispose of it properly. No sea creatures were harmed in during my theatrical display of self care! And i could just imagine one of the surfers getting tangled up in it.. that would be a site to see, and probably time in a facility for a mental evaluation,or at least a fine for polluting the water. 

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