I thought I was already isolated

Living full time in an RV pretty much creates an sort of isolation in itself. But I am always exploring areas, restaurants etc. I have friends and family in the locations I have been in so far- so it hasn’t been much different than living in a house. If anything, I have got to travel and actually spent more time with some friends and family, because I have my house with me. But I am feeling the difference now.

Even with the rain clouds looming , and knowing I will not get to go on my morning walks with Bella… I a grateful that so far the resort here at Lake Minden is still open. With everything shutting down, I am grateful to be “stuck” in this beautiful location. I found out yesterday, after my daughter drove out for a visit .. that we can not have guest. She was stopped at the gate and not allowed in. I do understand, I just wish they would have told me. Anyway, I found out that they are allowing friends and family to drop off supplies for us guest at the front check in shack, but may not come in at all. We are allowed to go shopping as of now. If anyone here at the resort gets the virus, they will shut down, that could be really rough on us full timers, as the state parks are already closed. I have resorted to boiling water and refilling my water bottles instead of going to buy more bottled water, reusing my coffee grounds and trying my best to limit my exposure. I feel that everyone here is doing the same. I see a few people out for walks during the day, but it is nothing like the last time I was here. There are no kids at the playground area or baseball field. I have not seen anyone fishing. I feel that everyone is trying to keep our little community and themselves safe.

I am so happy that there is so much open space in this location. It is almost two miles to walk around the lake and the open field according to my step counter on my iphone. The camp surrounds the lake, and the orchards and fields surround the camp. Ducks, geese and other birds I have not identified yet are always hanging out at the lake, it makes for a peaceful and interesting walk, I see something new every day. I am far enough away from any foothills, so the sky line is huge, I forget that the nearest hwy is only a couple miles away.

I am prepared for the rain, and being locked in for a couple of days. I will be snuggled up and reading my books. I for what ever reason can not read just one book at a time. I am currently in the middle of both, The Count of Monte Cristo and Little Women. Video chats with friends and family help take away the feeling of being alone through the chaos in the world right now. Bella on the other hand will be ready to run out the door like her tail is on fire at the end of the rainy days! She does really well in the down time, sweet little cuddle bug. I will let her off lease out in the field when we can get out again (shhh don’t tell on me) I have to let her run some on that energy off or she drags me through the field with all that pent up energy!

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