Episode 1

Dear Diary,

I let go of everything, including the fear of letting go and the unknown.

There I was.. in the middle of the life I had worked so hard to build. The big beautiful 3000 sq ft house, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a hard working husband, the youngest child one year away from graduation, the cute dog.. The life, The American Dream right? It was everything I had worked for and everything I always thought that I wanted.

The next chapter would obviously be empty nesting and my husband and I riding into the many sunsets of our life, just the two of us and our dog Bella.. ahhh so romantic..

******** INSERT DIVORCE HERE *******

I could tell you all the reasons, but honestly, I have finally let go of the “why and how”? and am living in the “right now”.

Focused on the WHAT NOW?! I let go of it all!! the house the marriage, my life as I knew it and took the advice of a very dear friend when he said “keep the travel trailer”.

Yes!! I will take the 19ft travel trailer and move to the beach and go through empty nest, divorce and menopause at the edge of the Ocean… and I did.

Terrified and alone for the first time ever in my life. I had to let go of the fear of what if. What if I can’t do this.. oh, but what if I can?

We all have a story . I have learned so much on this journey. I have made so many mistakes along the way, have had some amazing experiences, some great.. some NOT so much haha.

I started this blog for a few reasons. I love to write. I journal, or write my “morning pages” thank you Julia Cameron! I realize we all need to connect now and then, physically, mentally, spiritually or just to hear that someone else out there in the world trips over air, gets toothpaste all over the mirror…wall.. has had their heart broken, has survived loss or trauma.. has succeeded “in spite of” has stayed in bed for three days feeling lost, has made a mess of their life, laughed inappropriately, cried themselves to sleep, believed in themselves even when it was terrifying .. kept going and letting go of the weight of doubt and fear.

Life… I will show you mine.. if you show me yours.

Living in my home on wheels full time as of January 2020 with my Road Dog Bella. It is a lifestyle and I am learning so much. I am excited to share the good the bad and the “I think I took a wrong turn” with you all as I navigate through this journey.

Did you know that you don’t actually die without WiFi connection? but there are times you feel like you might! like when your navigation system stops working and you have no idea where you are? I am so grateful my Dad taught me to read a good ol’ fashion MAP!!

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