Episode 2

Here I am three months in now. I decided to call this continuation of blogs, Episodes.. Because life is throwing out one episode after another of some out of the blue crap!

I spent the first half of that in Southern California at Wilderness Lakes. Close to my daughter Melissa and my Grandbaby Ivan. I had been renting a place with my daughter and watching Ivan for her for the a year, so being close made it easier on me. I had got very attached to getting a lot of time with my grandcritter!

Having a 3 yr old baby boy bouncing around in this trailer is a site to see thats for sure.. I can hardly keep up with him. We take a lot of walks thats for sure.

My plan was to travel up to NorCal and visit my two youngest daughter who still live up there. I keep cracking jokes about how my home is too small for the kids to move back in with me…

The Universe “hold my beer”

Ya well, that bit me on the ass during this trip haha. I had it all planned out to stay in Isleton near Brentwood to spend time with Bre, and spend a few weeks in Nicholas and Ash would stay with me a few nights a week for school in Sacramento. Everything was going just fine. The girls would visit or we would “slumber party” and giggle, cook, have some wine.

I got the call from Bre first. She had been looking for a rental. Rent is ridiculously high right now. I told her she could stay with me and we would figure it out. I moved from Nicholas back to Isleton, to be closer to Bres work. not even a week later, I wake up to the sound of pouring rain.. yes just like the Skid Row song.. I have a leak in the top of my home!! ok.. waiting for the rain to stop.. putting the fan on high to dry out the wall!

Ash calls… “mom.. Yannick and I have to move.. his 100 year old grandpa is here and we cant take the chance of getting him sick” Well… this is going to be fun. Ok everyone, I only have one rule… as we are all piled inside for the night.. no one is allowed to fart.. please!

Bella the road dog “hold my beer”

Ash is already doing online courses with Sac State. Now, her work hours are cut. Bres work hours are cut. Yannick is still working. It’s ok, we will all get through this right?!

Bre decides she likes the RV living and the space rent is affordable. So we go pick up a 2000 Weekend Warrior for her to live in. I spent two nights with her in her trailer, and Ash and Yannick stayed in my trialer. They found the perfect apartment in Sacramento very close to the University and were able to move right in.

Now Bre has her trailer and affordable rent. Her car breaks down and she has no hours at work.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW! . The resort actually hired her to work part time in exchange for rent! Perfect!!!

The last thing I imagined was that my girls would have to “move home” with me in this trailer.. but they did and I am so glad that I was here and we made it work..

Another adventure in Serendipity even during the Pandemic.

The honest truth is I am so grateful to have got to have at least two of my daughters home with me again. To cook with and giggle.. have at home spa days.. even while their worlds were shaken like a snow globe.. I got time with my “babies” again for just a minute and I loved every second of it.

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