I have never actually been in a situation where I have heard someone yell for help until last week. It was around 9:00pm and I was walking with my daughter back to my trailer. It was pitch dark at the campsite. I heard a woman yelling “get away from me.. just leave..” I figured my camping neighbors had a little to much to drink and were having a disagreement.. none of my business.. I did peek over there but could only see a back lite image of a person in the doorway.. then I heard the woman yell louder ” I don’t even know you! Help someone please HELP!” It scared me.. this is usually a quiet and friendly park …but shit happens all the time so I called for help right away. Park security got there immediately. I went into my trailer and hoped everything was ok.

I spoke with security the next day.. and it was worse than just being drunk…

When the woman yelled “get away, I don’t even know you” she was yelling at her husband.. she was not drunk.. she in fact did not know her husband in that moment and was terrified.. She suffers from Dementia.I teared up .. this was so sad! The move The Notebook popped into my head..

Her poor husband was trying so hard to keep her inside and not afraid of him. I felt bad for calling security for a minute but it actually helped calm the situation.. she felt safe and let security call her daughter. Her daughter talked to her and calmed her down.. I guess this happens from time to time. I did not talk to the couple the next day.. but we gave each other the “howdy neighbor wave” .. I sure wish them well.

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