RV Parks are closing .. now what?

Being ordered to shelter in place and stay home might be rough for a lot of people.. Especially when you are not sure where home will be.

Due to Covid-19 parks and resorts are being closed down. I had no idea if i would have to move.. I do have options if so. I have friends and family with large yards I can park in and self-quarantine if I have to travel, unlike some of my neighbors here. I have spoke with a few people camped out here and they said “they would have to take chances and sleep in parking lots, open fields or where ever they could safely park. I am so grateful that Thousand Trials is allowing members an extended stay.

Our RV resorts and campgrounds remain open to guests currently on site, however, due the issuance of many stay at home orders and the recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control, we are not accepting new reservations through April 30, 2020. We invite guests currently at our locations to extend their stay.

I am learning as I go with my newly found lifestyle choice of living in my RV . I was unsure how to go about it in the beginning. Do I just hook up and head out into the wild? I had a short time in Carlsbad renting a space month to month over a year ago. When I was ready in January to venture out again, I called the same park that I had stayed in prior, I found out that the space rent had doubled. That in itself defeated my purpose of living in an RV. I researched Thousand Trails and the membership options. I chose a affordable plan and one that worked for what I wanted out of this experience. I wanted to travel. The plan I have allows three weeks in and one week out. With so many Parks across the USA and affiliated RPI Parks, this plan made it easier for me. I can choose a State and destination without wondering where I am heading. I have, thus far, stayed closed to family and friends, and not ventured out of California on my own yet. Thank the heavens above that I am not somewhere far away and alone right now, I would be a mess.

I spent the last week just waiting. Waiting to hear if I had to move and trying to figure out where I would move to with all the Parks closing down. I have reservations booked out till June, and I have no idea if they are going to be canceled. When I received the notice from the Park Manager here yesterday, I was relived to say the least. Knowing now that I can stay until April 30th takes so much stress off my mind. I am especially relieved for the families I spoke with that do not have the options that I have. The RV community has really turned out to be more than I ever expected. Everyone at the facilities thus far has been friendly and helpful. I am at Lake Minden now, and the staff here is wonderful.

I see families taking walks with their children even though all amenities are closed . I can’t imagine its easy to try and explain to small children why they can’t play on the playground and why they are not going back to school this year. I do enjoy hearing the children laugh and watch them running around in the open fields here. Ahh to be young and not aware of right now…

Stay safe everyone


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