Short story 2, Un-fuc*ing my mind 2, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind 2

Gunshots rang out and echoed through the house. 

I was in the living room nursing Ashley, Chuck was getting Dainelle and Melissa out of the bath and ready for bed. I heard gunshots…. It sounded like they were coming from inside the house!
I put my little two-month-old baby girl under the couch and ran to check on Dainelle and Melissa!!! I passed right by Chuck in the hallway.. he was bleeding. He said something to me but I could not hear him…  I felt like I was running in slow motion had to get to my babies and make sure they were safe!! They were not in the bathroom!!! in a panic I screamed for them as I ran to their bedroom.. there they sat, soaking wet… wrapped in a bloody towel! I fucking died inside… I grabbed them and searched frantically for a wound. They were not injured… Thank God!! I realized it was Chucks blood… Oh my God Chucks been shot!
I ran to the front room and picked my angelic baby girl up and took her to the bedroom with her sisters. Terrified and confused… I told the girls “mommy will be right back.. I’m going to find daddy”
I found Chuck walking in circles in the back yard…he was bleeding.. a lot. He kept saying “it burns.. it fucking burns so bad’…Our neighbor yelled over the fence “I’ve called an ambulance” It felt like forever for them to get there…Chuck was feeling weak and nauseated from blood loss. So I helped him lay down on the concrete driveway and ran into the house to check on the girls and get some towels. 

Fighting back tears and chain-smoking as I rushed to meet the ambulance and the hospital, praying to God the entire time. Please Lord let Chuck be ok. “I’m looking for my husband. He came by ambulance, he was shot  ” I blurted out frantically at the information desk inside the hospital. A nurse led me to him down a dim hallway, taking my arm and asking “mam are you ok? are you hurt?” I did not realize that I had blood on my clothes. “I am fine” I said my voice cracking and shaking… The smell was terrible in the hallway. The overcrowded county hospital had patients lined up in the hallway on hospital beds. Finally, behind a faded curtain, it was my Chuck. He is alive! Thank you God. I crawled up into the bed beside him and buried my face in his chest and sobbed. “Chuck, I am so sorry that I ran past you” lifting my head to look into his eyes I said it again. Chuck held me close, looked into my eyes and said “you did your job honey, it’s your job to protect our babies”. He was lucky. The bullet passed through his shoulder and exited out his back skin over his shoulder-blade. He was going ok.

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