Not-home for the holidays

Butterflies took flight as Bella soared through the overgrown wildflowers, on our walk in the field today. My heart overflowed with happiness to see her running off-leash. Don’t we all want to run free again? I felt nostalgic for the time my daughters believed in the Easter Bunny. I smiled at the memories of them dressed up and hunting Easter Eggs, laughing with them in the kitchen, and bantering over who will wash the dishes.
I won’t get to spend the holiday with my daughters this year. We have missed many holidays since the divorce, but we find time to get visits in. It was an adjustment for all of us, not being able to go home. I know we will find a way, even as our family is expanding and we are all living in eight to ten hours away from each other.
My oldest daughter just celebrated her 32nd birthday, and she and her three sisters group video chatted. I am finally getting used to using video chat. I did not like it for the longest time, my grandson changed my mind. He is three years old, and he loves to call and see Bella. I do enjoy seeing his sweet little face. However, it doesn’t compare to seeing my daughters or grandbaby in person and smelling their heads. Yes… I am that weird mom.

Happy Easter Everyone

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