Not-home for the holidays

Butterflies took flight as Bella soared through the overgrown wildflowers, on our walk in the field today. My heart overflowed with happiness to see her running off-leash. Don’t we all want to run free again? I felt nostalgic for the time my daughters believed in the Easter Bunny. I smiled at the memories of themContinue reading “Not-home for the holidays”

Short story 1, Un-fuc*ing my mind 1, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind Step 1: Just write Product of environment and learning to adapt to surroundings. “I learned very young, a drink can fix almost anything.”‘. I know why I am the way that I am. I know my traumas. I know my triggers. I have spent years trying to get over them. So how do IContinue reading “Short story 1, Un-fuc*ing my mind 1, c-PTSD”

Poetry, poems, Bantering

He sang to me “she stopped drinking and ain’t no fun no more, her best pose was passed out, face down on the floor” Hey boy, how can you be sure? You haven’t seen me in awhile, ain’t felt the joy in my smile If you think I was fun when I stumbled, You shouldContinue reading “Poetry, poems, Bantering”

Short story, Un-Fuc*ing my mind 5, c-PTSD

Whoa, so many memories flooding my mind. So many feelings going through me. It is a struggle just to write about, yet freeing at the same time. I wanted to drink today. I did not want to feel any of this. I wanted to delete the emotions that I just regurgitated into words on to a pieceContinue reading “Short story, Un-Fuc*ing my mind 5, c-PTSD”

Short Story,Un-Fuc*ing my mind 4, c-PTSD

Standing in line for free food and wondering how I will feed my daughters next week… Nothing humbles a soul like being in need and having someone help you. I had just started work, but would not get paid for another week. I spent all of my money to rent an apartment. Between utilities andContinue reading “Short Story,Un-Fuc*ing my mind 4, c-PTSD”

Short story, Un-fuc*ing my mind 3, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind 3 The last time I was isolated, I lived in a potato field and my dog was electrocuted to death Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic I am sheltered in place in my travel trailer right now. I had planned to live in it for at least a year and travel. Travel hasContinue reading “Short story, Un-fuc*ing my mind 3, c-PTSD”

Short story 2, Un-fuc*ing my mind 2, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind 2 Gunshots rang out and echoed through the house.  I was in the living room nursing Ashley, Chuck was getting Dainelle and Melissa out of the bath and ready for bed. I heard gunshots…. It sounded like they were coming from inside the house!I put my little two-month-old baby girl under the couch andContinue reading “Short story 2, Un-fuc*ing my mind 2, c-PTSD”