The past few weeks have been exhausting, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am adapting to being by myself and almost drowning self re-discovery. I have not had a good nights sleep for nearly two weeks now due to a Rotator Cuff tear in my right arm. Bella decided to challenge herself at squirrel catching whileContinue reading “Today…”

Not-home for the holidays

Butterflies took flight as Bella soared through the overgrown wildflowers, on our walk in the field today. My heart overflowed with happiness to see her running off-leash. Don’t we all want to run free again? I felt nostalgic for the time my daughters believed in the Easter Bunny. I smiled at the memories of themContinue reading “Not-home for the holidays”

RV Parks are closing .. now what?

Being ordered to shelter in place and stay home might be rough for a lot of people.. Especially when you are not sure where home will be. Due to Covid-19 parks and resorts are being closed down. I had no idea if i would have to move.. I do have options if so. I haveContinue reading “RV Parks are closing .. now what?”