Short story, Un-Fuc*ing my mind 5, c-PTSD

Whoa, so many memories flooding my mind. So many feelings going through me. It is a struggle just to write about, yet freeing at the same time. I wanted to drink today. I did not want to feel any of this. I wanted to delete the emotions that I just regurgitated into words on to a pieceContinue reading “Short story, Un-Fuc*ing my mind 5, c-PTSD”

Short story, Un-fuc*ing my mind 3, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind 3 The last time I was isolated, I lived in a potato field and my dog was electrocuted to death Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic I am sheltered in place in my travel trailer right now. I had planned to live in it for at least a year and travel. Travel hasContinue reading “Short story, Un-fuc*ing my mind 3, c-PTSD”

Short story 2, Un-fuc*ing my mind 2, c-PTSD

Un-fuc*ing my mind 2 Gunshots rang out and echoed through the house.  I was in the living room nursing Ashley, Chuck was getting Dainelle and Melissa out of the bath and ready for bed. I heard gunshots…. It sounded like they were coming from inside the house!I put my little two-month-old baby girl under the couch andContinue reading “Short story 2, Un-fuc*ing my mind 2, c-PTSD”